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9 most famous Fefe Dobson quotes and sayings. She's a 39 year old Canadian musician born on Feb 28, 1985.

“The things that drive me are poverty, and pain, and knowing that I don't want to end up being alone and I want to do something with my life and I want the name Dobson to remain in everyone's heads. Basically, just to rock and be the best performer I can be, and be true, and be real, and give people the real Fefe, nothing fake, all real.”
“It's like I've experienced quite a weird and unusual life, you know, being with a mom who's a single parent and struggling with money and things like that. It's really hard. And it brings a lot of other insecurities in life and a lot of other issues in life, in school and a bunch of other things.”
Fefe Dobson Quotes
“I love rock music, I love country music - I love all music, let's be honest!”
Fefe Dobson Quotes
“You grow and evolve and as you do that, your art hopefully reflects that change and that growth.”
“'Joy' to me is a reflection of the life experiences that I've had throughout the first record and kind of having some time and a hiatus. It's just like all of those experiences that I had during that period - that growing up period.”
Fefe Dobson Quotes
“I believe that we should be able to marry whom ever we choose. As long as both people are willing... I say go for it!”
Fefe Dobson Quotes
“I would love to work with Jack White or Kanye West.”
“I'm one of those people that I make a song... then I write another song and then I'm like, 'But this song is so much better than this song,' and then I kind of ditch that song. It's a long process.”
Fefe Dobson Quotes
“When you're young you don't think, 'This person is going to change your life.' But when you start recording your own songs, it comes back and reminds you.”

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