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8 most famous Francis Alys quotes and sayings (artist).

Francis Alys Quotes
“In the eye of the tornado, there's no more high and low, no floor and sky.”
Francis Alys Quotes
“We've lost control of this planet somewhere. There's an echo in that kind of tornado situation, where you're powerless facing those phenomena.”
“I am interested in seeing how a certain situation can develop with potential accidents. First, I am inspired by the acts of potential collaborators. It tends to be an action they have already done in a different context. I am very clear about the rules of the game, but once it's launched, I don't intervene at all.”
Francis Alys Quotes
“What I can't tell with a photo I will tell with a painting, and what I can't tell with a painting I will tell with a video or text sometimes, et cetera.”
“Formulating the proposal is about 80% of the actual time of the process. In the end, the time spent filming, editing and postproduction is a very small proportion of the total time you spend in the production of the film.”
Francis Alys Quotes
“Can that make any sense - a Belgian artist living in Mexico and working in Afghanistan?”
Francis Alys Quotes
“I am always fascinated by the way kids create their own world. That is something I am very attentive to anywhere I go.”
Francis Alys Quotes
“I have no problem twisting the facts if it's the only way I can be true to the moment.”

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