Frank Crowninshield Quotes & Sayings

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9 most famous Frank Crowninshield quotes and sayings (journalist).

Frank Crowninshield Quotes
“Young men and young women, full of courage, originality, and genius, are everywhere to be met with.”
“My interest in society - at times so pronounced that the word 'snob' comes a little to mind - derives from the fact that I like an immense number of things which society, money, and position bring in their train: painting, tapestries, rare books, smart dresses, dances, gardens, country houses, correct cuisine, and pretty women.”
“My sense of loneliness was not particularly great until I reached sixty. From that time on, I would have given an ex-king's ransom if I had been able, in my youth to seduce a lady into thinking of me as a handyman and provider around the house.”
“Let us instance one respect in which American life has recently undergone a great change. We allude to its increased devotion to pleasure, to happiness, to dancing, to sport... to the delights of the country, to laughter, and to all forms of cheerfulness.”
“In my day, when you called on a girl, her mother was always hollering down to see if she was still unraped, the maid would look in, her father would shuffle his feet in another room. Today the boy calls up, says, 'Meet you at the back door of Stern's.'”
“I have never collected an object or figure from Africa or Oceania because of anything curious about it or because of its utility or historic interest. Everything has been chosen entirely because of its aesthetic significance; its form, feeling, structure, and plastic values.”
Frank Crowninshield Quotes
“What Marie Antoinette was to eighteenth-century France, Mary Pickford is to twentieth-century America.”
Frank Crowninshield Quotes
“We Americans are mildly interested, of course, in reading about the discovery of radium by Madame Curie, but what we really yearn to know is the name of the uncommemorated French female who first mixed a sauce bearnaise.”
Frank Crowninshield Quotes
“For women, we intend to do something in a noble and missionary spirit... We mean to appeal to their intellects... and we hereby announce ourselves as determined and bigoted feminists.”

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