Frank Gehry Quotes & Sayings (Page 6)

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Frank Gehry quotes and sayings page 6 (93 year old architect). These are the last 6 out of 56 quotes we have for him.

Frank Gehry Quotes
“I don't think all buildings have to be iconic, but the history of the world has shown us that cultures build iconic buildings for their major public buildings.”
“I was in Peru and visited a building near Lima built by the Incas. It was low in height, with no windows at all, but all the way in the back there was air movement. And I couldn't figure out how they'd done it; it was incredible.”
Frank Gehry Quotes
“On certain projects, on big public projects, people definitely are interested in making them greener, but on smaller projects with tight budgets it can be harder.”
Frank Gehry Quotes
“I don't make things with my hands, although I studied woodworking and made furniture.”
Frank Gehry Quotes
“I never said I was opposed to the LEED program or to green building - I'm not.”
“And I realized, when I'd come in to the meetings with these corrugated metal and chain link stuff, and people would just look at me like I'd just landed from Mars. But I couldn't do anything else. That was my response to the people and the time.”

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