Hal Roach Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Hal Roach quotes and sayings. He was an American producer who passed away on 2 November, 1992.

Hal Roach Quotes
“The important thing, once you get 'em laughing, is to keep 'em laughing until you're through. With a 90-minute feature, you've got to stop the laughter and then pick it up again, which is tough.”
Hal Roach Quotes
“Harold Lloyd was not a comedian. But he was the finest actor to play a comedian that I ever saw.”
Hal Roach Quotes
“The greatest comedies that were made by anybody were made in two reels; I don't care who it was.”
Hal Roach Quotes
“You can't make people laugh for more than half an hour and be consistent.”

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