Heber J. Grant Quotes & Sayings

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54 most famous Heber J. Grant quotes and sayings (clergyman). These are the first 10 quotes we have.

Heber J. Grant Quotes
“If there is any one thing that will bring peace and contentment into the human heart, and into the family, it is to live within our means.”
“When I was about forty-three years of age, I had a private secretary with a beautiful baritone voice. I told him I would give anything in the world if I could only carry a tune. He laughed and said, 'Anybody who has a voice and perseverance can sing.'”
Heber J. Grant Quotes
“If you have ambitions, dream of what you wish to accomplish, and then put your shoulder to the wheel and work.”
Heber J. Grant Quotes
“Let every man feel that he is the architect and builder of his own life, and that he proposes to make a success of it by working.”
Heber J. Grant Quotes
“My most earnest prayer is that every man and every woman will get it into his or her heart that they are in very deed the architects of their lives.”
“I know of nothing that brings greater joy to the human heart than laboring at home or abroad for the salvation of the souls of men. I know of nothing which gives us a greater love of all that is good, than teaching this Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
“If you and I desire the blessings of life, of health, of vigor of body and mind; if we desire the destroying angel to pass us by, as he did in the days of the children of Israel, we must obey the Word of Wisdom; then God is bound, and the blessing shall come to us.”
Heber J. Grant Quotes
“A Mormon knows that the promises of God are true, and He said that all will be tried; realizing these things the Latter-day Saints will acknowledge their Maker not only in blessings but also in tribulations.”
Heber J. Grant Quotes
“When one is giving service for the advancement of humanity, when one is working without money and without price, with no hope of earthly reward, there comes a real, genuine joy into the human heart.”
“What I count as real prosperity... is the growth in a knowledge of God, and in a testimony, and in the power to live the gospel and to inspire our families to do the same. That is prosperity of the truest kind.”

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