Helen Andelin Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Helen Andelin quotes and sayings. She was an American activist who passed away on 7 June, 2009.

“The first Law of Heaven is obedience, and it should be the first law of every home. It is the foundation of an orderly home, a successful family, and the successful lives of the children. The wife is the key.”
Helen Andelin Quotes
“A man wants a woman who will place him at the top of his priority list, not second but first. He wants to be the kingpin around which all other activities of her life revolve.”
Helen Andelin Quotes
“The problems of rebellious youth can be traced to homes where the mother disobeyed the father or showed lack of respect for his authority.”
Helen Andelin Quotes
“It is not always possible or even right for a man to make his wife number one in his life. This is due to the nature of his life. His number one responsibility is to provide the living.”
“One of the greatest threats to your husband's position of priority would be if you were to earnestly pursue a career... If you finally reach a pinnacle of success, you would overshadow him and make him feel unimportant.”

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