Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes & Sayings

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28 most famous Honeysuckle Weeks quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 42 year old British actress born on Aug 1, 1979.

Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes
“Politics is not a game for naive thinkers. You may go in as an idealist, but you certainly won't come out as one.”
“I used to run ten miles every other day and eat very little. I was living in London on my own for the first time and no one was checking on me. I wasn't anorexic but lost three stone. I weighed around seven. It lasted six months until I ran out of willpower.”
Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes
“If you live in the countryside, you understand that hunting isn't just for toffs. It's for the farmers. It's for everyone's enjoyment.”
“The coral that grows at the edge of the reef is always the strongest and most colourful because it faces the greatest battering. It's the same if you're called Honeysuckle. I'd have had a totally different life if I'd been called Mary.”
“'Foyle's War' made me realise that Churchill actually had questionable morals; his decisions meant that good people died. It must have weighed heavily on his soul, but he never let his personal demons get in the way of what was best for our country.”
“I do cook a lot for myself. I tend to cook from scratch, a lot of stews and things, lots of beans, because beans have got lots of protein in them but not fat. I am partial to a bit of cheese - I try to limit myself in my cheese intake, but I do enjoy a good smelly cheese. Stinking Bishop is a good one.”
Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes
“My father was a tyrant about reading, and that put me off books when I was little.”
Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes
“Size zero doesn't make you happy, and I'm not sure I have the discipline for Hollywood. I'm too much of a fan of chocolate and crisps.”
“I'm looking forward to sproglets but, as I'm the main breadwinner, I feel I ought to capitalise on my career for a bit longer. Mother keeps telling me I should go and freeze some eggs. Not terribly romantic, is it?”
Honeysuckle Weeks Quotes
“It's really good to have so distinctive a name as an actress. No one ever forgets it. My sister and brother are called Perdita and Rollo. Actually, my family calls me 'Hollyhocks.'”

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