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Hugh Jackman quotes and sayings page 12 (53 year old actor). Here's quote # 111 through 120 out of the 123 we have for him.

Hugh Jackman Quotes
“When you dance, your body just wants to find its natural weight. I'm naturally a lot more Tommy Tune than I am Wolverine.”
Hugh Jackman Quotes
“I always felt love from both my parents.”
Hugh Jackman Quotes
“I've always felt embraced by the Broadway community even before I felt like I earned it.”
Hugh Jackman Quotes
“It dawned on me that acting was what I wanted to do with my life. Nothing had ever touched my heart like acting did.”
Hugh Jackman Quotes
“We feel that there are so many kids who need adopting. We thought we'd do it after having a couple of our own, but we just changed our mind.”
“I do heavy weights in the morning for about an hour, and then I do 45 minutes of higher-volume lifting in the afternoon. My least favorite is the legs... I do quite a few chin-ups and rows. I do mostly old-school lifting with a lot of squats.”
“Acting is something I love. It's a great craft that I have a lot of respect for. But I don't think it's any greater challenge than teaching 8-year-olds or any other career. In my life, I try not to make it more important than it is and I just hope that rubs off on the people around me.”
Hugh Jackman Quotes
“I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don't think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.”
“I remember at one point being in fellowship, and everyone used to wear the fish symbol; it said you were a Christian. So I asked my father, 'Dad, why don't you wear that at work?' And he said, 'Your religion should be in your actions.' He set a great, great example.”
“I'm doing 'Les Miserables,' the movie. I've done a lot of musicals and a lot of movies, and I know there are not a lot of people in Hollywood who have been down those two paths so I've been like, 'Come on, let's do a movie/musical.'”

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