Carmen Miranda Quotes & Sayings

4 most famous Carmen Miranda quotes and sayings. She was a Brazilian musician who passed away on 5 August, 1955.

Carmen Miranda Quotes
“Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body.”
“I've chosen my wedding ring large and heavy to continue forever. But exactly because of that all the time that Dave and I have an argument I feel it like handcuffs, and on anger time I throw it in a basket. Poor Dave, he bought me three wedding rings already!”
Carmen Miranda Quotes
“I say 20 words in English. I say money, money, money, and I say hot dog! I say yes, no and I say money, money, money and I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice.”
Carmen Miranda Quotes
“Hollywood, it has treated me so nicely, I am ready to faint! As soon as I see Hollywood, I love it.”

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