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“I like guitar. It just turned out that it's the instrument I learned to play. I have a lot of respect for it, and I'm learning more and more every day. For me, the classic band setup - guitars, drums, bass - will stay fresh forever. I don't know. I'm still into it.”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“I don't want a job, and I think I've been trying my hardest to make sure I don't have a job.”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“I live like a scumbag, but it's cheap.”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“I'll probably have to open a recording studio at some point because I won't be able to pay the bills.”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“I'm going to try to do music for the rest of my life, but that's just trying. Maybe it's not going to work out. Who knows?”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“Neil Young is the prime example, the grand goal, if you will. He's still shredding, and he never lost his credibility.”
Mac DeMarco Quotes
“Perfectionist? That's not something I am.”
“A lot of people assume I have a great hat collection, but kids steal my hats at every show. I've had all these hats that I've loved, but now they're in some little kids' possession. It's difficult to replenish. I don't think the kids realize this.”
“I actually had a really nice guitar as a teenager. I took jazz guitar, so my mom bought me this probably $1,600 guitar. But I got really into garage rock and local bands, and I noticed they played really crappy guitars. So I thought, 'Hey, I should get a crappy guitar, too!'”
“I had a band called the Sound Of Love, and that was R&B songs about girls in my high school. I played in some other indie bands who were trying to make it big; those sucked. Then I started Makeout Videotape, and that was that.”

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