Manfred Mann Quotes & Sayings

4 most famous Manfred Mann quotes and sayings. He's a 77 year old British musician born on Oct 21, 1940.

“The age of 18 seemed the right time to try something different in my life. Moving to the U.K. was a risk, and I was never confident that I could ever make a full-time living being a musician, but I had to try. Initially, I worked as a jazz musician in pubs or with bands.”
Manfred Mann Quotes
“In 1962 I wrote for 'Jazz News,' using the pseudonym Manfred Manne, which I picked because of a jazz drummer with that name. I later dropped the 'e.'”
Manfred Mann Quotes
“I grew up in South Africa, but like many people at that time, I couldn't bear living in the country. The main motivation for moving to Britain was to get away.”
Manfred Mann Quotes
“One of my side strange abilities is to hear a good song, no matter how it's being performed. Even if you get a bad performance, I can still hear that there's a good song.”

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