Nancy Marchand Quotes & Sayings

6 most famous Nancy Marchand quotes and sayings. She was an American actress who passed away on 18 June, 2000.

“I'm always very uncomfortable with people. It's something that I get upset with myself for, but that's the way I am. But I love people. And when I'm on the stage, I can embrace people and still feel safe.”
Nancy Marchand Quotes
“There are a lot of different facets to my personality that I don't use all the time in my house, or in everyday life, that I can experience and share when I'm on a stage.”
Nancy Marchand Quotes
“Acting was something I had to do.”
Nancy Marchand Quotes
“I was a very shy, overly big, kind of creepy-looking kid.”
Nancy Marchand Quotes
“I wasn't a glamour-puss, and there were more interesting roles for an actress like me in the theater and in live television.”
“I had spent my childhood making up adventures in my head. Then I realized when I went to acting school that there were adventures written down, and you could learn lines, and you could do the adventures for real, not just in your head.”

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