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S. Ansky Quotes
“Bearing an eternal longing for Jewishness, I threw myself in all directions and left to work for another people. I am not one of those lucky ones raised in their own environment, whose work is normal.”
S. Ansky Quotes
“All a Jew has to do is recite a few proverbs or anecdotes to consider himself an expert on 'Jewishness.'”
“A writer has a difficult fate, but a Jewish writer has an especially difficult fate. His soul is torn; he lives on two streets with three languages. It is a misfortune to live on this sort of 'border,' and that is what I have experienced.”
S. Ansky Quotes
“When I first stepped into literature twenty-five years ago, I wanted to work on behalf of the oppressed, the working masses, and it seemed to me, mistakenly, that I would not find them among the Jews.”

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