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Salar Kamangar Quotes
“We want to get to a point where anything you can think of finding that is video related is searchable or recommended to you on YouTube.”
Salar Kamangar Quotes
“What we'd like to think of YouTube as is a part of Google with very overlapping goals and values. We're a fundamental part of the advertising business for Google.”
Salar Kamangar Quotes
“I think the next set of media companies are going to be created on the web and that YouTube is going to be a big part of that.”
Salar Kamangar Quotes
“I can't predict exactly what the TV channel of the future is, but we think more and more time spent on TV is going to be around web content and web video.”
“Imagine you can tell YouTube you have an hour to watch TV, and it would give you programming based around what you have watched in the past, what your friends watched and recommended, what your favourite celebrities tweeted about, and on one piece of input from you about what mood you are in.”
“What's amazing is that the Web enables you to build a kind of channel that wouldn't have made sense for cable, in the same way cable enabled you to build content that wouldn't have made sense for broadcast. You couldn't have done CNN with the broadcast networks; you couldn't have done MTV with the broadcast networks.”
Salar Kamangar Quotes
“YouTube has proven it can flourish in a model where there is more autonomy, and in that way I think it is an example and a potential model for other areas of the business.”

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