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9 most famous Joe Green quotes and sayings (businessman).

“Grassroots organizing tends to be most available to big campaigns, but it's actually most useful to small ones. You can't win a presidential campaign without going on TV, but you can win a local election simply by organizing your community. NationBuilder levels the playing field.”
“Causes was founded with the mission of empowering anyone to change the world. Our model is based upon the belief that everyone has the power to have an outsized impact on the world by banding together with other like-minded individuals, taking direct action, and inspiring their friends and their friends' friends to join in.”
Joe Green Quotes
“People can care about changing the world. But what gets them to act is pressure and social reward.”
Joe Green Quotes
“The Internet has brought democracy to so many other things. It's about time the Internet brought democracy to democracy.”
Joe Green Quotes
“Without social networks, you're not the coolest thing on the Christmas list, and you're not getting any bite.”
Joe Green Quotes
“Everyone knows the presidential candidates and has an opinion about them. But as you get to smaller races, that evaporates and you can win through sheer elbow grease.”
“Causes brings over 140 million people together to form the world's largest giving community. The belief that everyone has something to give is at the core of what we do; people just need a little inspiration, and to know that whoever they are, there is something meaningful they can do.”
“If you had told me when I was at high school that one day I would be working for a for-profit company, let alone running one, I would have said you were crazy. But I am interested in how you can empower individuals to make change, and Causes is doing just that.”
“When all is said and done and the e-book is written about politics and the Internet, it is not going to be about the presidential election. It will be about the smaller elections in aggregate that have a huge effect on people's lives.”

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