Joel Murray Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Joel Murray quotes and sayings. He's a 60 year old American actor born on Apr 17, 1963.

Joel Murray Quotes
“I have a lot of fond memories of St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. Vague, but fond.”
Joel Murray Quotes
“I'm a little musically inclined; I play the clarinet and the saxophone.”
“I have a famous brother, and I see what his life's like. He can stay places 15 minutes, and then he's got to leave. So I've seen what it's like to be famous, and I haven't really aspired to be a huge mega-star - not that I've had that opportunity.”
“We shot 'Dharma & Greg' six blocks from my house for five years. I had a Dodge Durango that I sold after five years, and it only had like 12,000 miles on it. My whole life was within eight square blocks of my house. There was a golf course across the street. In my downtime, I was on the driving range.”
Joel Murray Quotes
“I don't often get recognized for my work, but I look familiar. I'm just a working-man actor. I go and audition, and you just hope the work keeps coming.”
Joel Murray Quotes
“I've only done four or five episodes of 'Two and a Half Men,' and its amazing how many people recognize me for that more than anything else in my career.”

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