Kate del Castillo Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Kate del Castillo quotes and sayings page 2 (49 year old actress). These are the last 10 out of 20 quotes we have for her.

Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I like challenges, I like that fear you feel for something new, and with a new director, I think it's very important to always support new projects.”
Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I like men who are intelligent and sensitive.”
Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I love drama. Drama is, like, my thing. I want a movie that will move something inside me, that's going to shift something and keep me thinking.”
Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I'm always trying to push for women's rights.”
Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I'm interested in seeking projects no matter where, no matter if it is in the United States, whether in Chile, whether in Venezuela.”
“For me, I never take a job thinking it's going to grab ratings or that it's even going to be a success. I don't. I just take the job because I love the character. Or I love the script. Maybe I love the director. But whatever I do, I never think about how it will do. That is not in my hands.”
“I give 110% while I am working. I know I do, because I have been doing this since I was nine. This is a way of life for me. So whether it be successful or not is not in my hands. I still do my job, the best I can.”
Kate del Castillo Quotes
“I will always be an actress. I couldn't see myself without acting. But I'd love to direct and keep writing. I don't think one has to be in place of the other.”
“Unfortunately we - and I'm speaking not for Latin America but for Mexico because that's where I come from - we still, I think, are a little bit macho. Not that we only live in a macho world, but we also think as a macho world; even the women, you know? The women in Mexico, because that's the way we were raised.”
“When not working, I use a lot of treatments; from ancient casero - honey, avocado, stuff like that - other times, I buy ones you leave on for a few minutes. I don't blow dry my hair ever unless for work; I'd rather go for the natural look.”

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