Kate Spade Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Kate Spade quotes and sayings. She's a 59 year old American designer born on Dec 24, 1962.

“Before I came to New York, I only had a few pictures of the city in my mind. And you know 'That Girl?' Marlo Thomas jumping with her hat? I always loved that, and I wondered what that double street she crosses is. And it's Park Avenue! And that's what I can see out my window.”
Kate Spade Quotes
“I collect books - a lot of books.”
Kate Spade Quotes
“I love lamps. I can't stand overhead lighting. I have to have everything on a dimmer.”
Kate Spade Quotes
“Every time I go to the market, Andy says, 'Don't forget the Triscuits!'”
Kate Spade Quotes
“I'm admittedly not that into the Internet.”

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