Katey Sagal Quotes & Sayings (Page 6)

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Katey Sagal quotes and sayings page 6 (68 year old athlete). Here's quote # 51 through 60 out of the 67 we have for her.

Katey Sagal Quotes
“My thing about having another child was, time's-a-wasting!”
Katey Sagal Quotes
“There's so many great songs already written, it's kind of really wonderful you don't have to write your own.”
Katey Sagal Quotes
“You know, we travelled a lot when I was a kid because my father was wherever the work was.”
Katey Sagal Quotes
“You realize mortality is everywhere.”
“I don't know, Y'know, I always wanted to be one of those cheerleader girls and I never was that, and I was never sort of cute and perky, and I always thought it was fun to be cute and perky, and those, I don't know what those girls are doing now.”
“I'm very comfortable as a singer. In fact, I think it's more - I identified my self-esteem, my self more in those ways when I was growing up. I really - it was kind of my calling card as a kid.”
“And I think that's why I was going to be a musician. I was very rebellious. And I didn't want to be an actor. My father used to say to me you should be an actor if you want to be in the arts.”
“And then I think now we are - you know his - like I've always said. His spirit is so large that we feel his presence around the show, and we always will. He will always have a voice.”
“But I started it when I was going through a transitional time in my life. At the end of it, it really sort of symbolized it. I had made room to change, and room to grow. I recorded it in a little room.”
Katey Sagal Quotes
“For me it's also - the music is equally as important. I mean I think as somebody who writes music, there just has to sort of be the marriage between both.”

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