Malcolm Gets Quotes & Sayings

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7 most famous Malcolm Gets quotes and sayings. He's a 59 year old American actor born on Dec 28, 1964.

Malcolm Gets Quotes
“To ask if I am mischievous is the understatement of all time.”
“I really like Los Angeles - I had a good life out there. But the reason I choose to live in New York is because when I'm between engagements, as they say, something creative always comes up for me, like 'Julian Po,' or helping teach at NYU, or helping stage a show at Juilliard.”
Malcolm Gets Quotes
“For me, the most effective cabaret evenings have been some of the most personal ones, where the performer is comfortable enough to simply be themselves.”
“I've certainly had periods when I felt like life was winning and I was losing, so I think everybody can relate to that quandary - the temptation to give in, to give up, and then what It takes to keep going.”
Malcolm Gets Quotes
“Once you have a central character who announces in the first five minutes of the show that he feels whooped by life and that he's had enough, I'm in. I'm hooked.”
Malcolm Gets Quotes
“I've always thought of myself as a character actor, even though I've played some leading-man roles.”
“I was on a series for a number of years, and I got very used to only doing a mini-play per week. When I first came back to the theater, and I was suddenly doing eight shows a week again for three or four months, I had to find a new reason to do it.”

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