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25 most famous Nat Wolff quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 29 year old American actor born on Dec 17, 1994.

“Jazz is smooth and cool. Jazz is rage. Jazz flows like water. Jazz never seems to begin or end. Jazz isn't methodical, but jazz isn't messy either. Jazz is a conversation, a give and take. Jazz is the connection and communication between musicians. Jazz is abandon.”
“It's jarring to go from one amazing experience to another that feels ordinary. I don't quite know how to explain it. You see the uniqueness of what you've been doing, and disassociating yourself from it and going back to the 'normal' life is tough.”
“I have learned a lot from jazz. I compare good acting to jazz music. The more you study and prepare as an actor, the more equipped you are to live in the moment. Just like the gifted musicians in my dad's quartet, it takes a courageous actor to be free.”
Nat Wolff Quotes
“I think as long as I have a creative outlet, I'm happy.”
Nat Wolff Quotes
“When romance is done well in a movie, it's awesome.”
“I've been kind of lucky. I've always just kind of followed whatever my passion was, and that seems to have led me to better places than if I had followed some career trajectory, which I wouldn't even know how to start.”
“'Holes' was my favorite book ever. So you know when you love a book and you hear it's being made into a movie and it makes you a little annoyed at first? But I would've loved to play the Shia LaBeouf role in that movie when I was younger. I just wanted to be the rebellious kid on the old digging camp.”
“I can play a bunch of instruments but drums? My brother's a drummer and I've always been jealous that he's such a good drummer. I always try to play but it's always kinda just bashing. I can keep time but no one really wants to hear me play drums.”
Nat Wolff Quotes
“I have very weirdly realistic dreams where it could be real life, except it's not.”
Nat Wolff Quotes
“I love James Taylor, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Nine Inch Nails.”

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