Nicole Scherzinger Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Nicole Scherzinger quotes and sayings page 3 (44 year old musician). Here's quote # 21 through 30 out of the 45 we have for her.

Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“I don't like my thighs, the back of my legs or my chubby knees. I wear clothes that show off my legs in pictures and videos but not often when I'm appearing live.”
Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“I think the sexiest thing about a man is that he's confident. Sure, sometimes you meet someone and you see his appearance first, but then you get to know him, and he looks completely different to you.”
“Growing up, my mom was very strict about how I dressed and how I behaved, and I said to myself that I wasn't going to be like that. But now I know I'm going to be exactly like my mom. I'm going to be worse!”
“Love makes me vulnerable. In business I'm tough on myself - I'm like a drill sergeant. If I'm down, I'm used to getting right back up, but when it comes to love, your heart can't do that.”
“I was a shy kid, but somehow I knew I would make it as a performer. I'd always be telling my mum that I was going to be a famous singer. In my school yearbooks I would write, 'Remember me when I'm famous.' I knew I had a gift.”
Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“A lot of songs are empowering because everybody who has been through a hard time in a relationship or in their lives can relate to it.”
Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“Music is my passion - it's what I love and it's in my blood. You can never take me away from my work.”
Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“My favorite songs are the ones that really come from the heart.”
Nicole Scherzinger Quotes
“I see lots of women having beautiful children later in life. And, if not, just freeze your eggs!”
“I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn't get it.”

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