Otis Redding Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Otis Redding quotes and sayings. He was an American musician who passed away on 10 December, 1967.

“If you want to be a singer, you've got to concentrate on it twenty-four hours a day. You can't be a well driller, too. You've got to concentrate on the business of entertaining and writing songs. Always think different from the next person. Don't ever do a song as you heard somebody else do it.”
“As I was growing up, I did a lot of talent shows. I won fifteen Sunday nights straight in a series of talent shows in Macon. I showed up the sixteenth night, and they wouldn't let me go on any more. Whatever success I had was through the help of the good Lord.”
Otis Redding Quotes
“I love England from head to toe. I love the weather, the people. I was there in the summer and it was nice. The people are so groovy.”
“If I were to leave the U.S., I'd live in England. But I'd never leave the U.S. I own a 400-acre farm in Macon, Georgia. I raise cattle and hogs. I own horses, too. I love horses as much as singing. I like to hunt on horseback.”

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