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4 most famous Polly Walker quotes and sayings. She's a 58 year old English actress born on May 19, 1966.

“If I wasn't an actress, I'd like to cook. I'm pretty obsessed by it. Rome was great in that sense, going to amazing cookery bookshops. No wonder their food is good because the quality and wide range of their produce is so good. It's not fair, really.”
Polly Walker Quotes
“I love cooking. People seem to enjoy my food, but I absolutely love it. I'm one of those people who will buy a cookery book and take it to bed and read it.”
“I was married to an Italian, and my son was born there. I've got lots of connections there, and I lived in the north, in the country about an hour outside of Milan, for quite a few years. I speak fluent Italian.”
“Sometimes Italian fashion, especially in the summer, is bright and gaudy and tarty, so I'd be buying these bright pink and bright orange things, and when I got home, I'd just go, 'What was I thinking? I can't wear this!'”

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