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35 most famous Rahul Dravid quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 48 year old Indian athlete born on Oct 11, 1973.

“I think we judge talent wrong. What do we see as talent? I think I have made the same mistake myself. We judge talent by people's ability to strike a cricket ball. The sweetness, the timing. That's the only thing we see as talent. Things like determination, courage, discipline, temperament, these are also talent.”
“My approach to cricket has been reasonably simple: it was about giving everything to the team, it was about playing with dignity and it was about upholding the spirit of the game. I hope I have done some of that. I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying. It is why I leave with sadness but also with pride.”
Rahul Dravid Quotes
“Unwanted honking not only irritates others, but may also end up causing accidents. Drivers lose cool and it may result in road rage.”
Rahul Dravid Quotes
“No dream is ever chased alone.”
“I don't get angry very often, but there have been times when I have been frustrated with myself, maybe after playing a bad shot, after getting out, I have done some damage to some equipment of mine. Once or twice in the course of 20 years - I think you can allow me that at least.”
Rahul Dravid Quotes
“I am what I am. I have not deliberately built an image for myself.”
“Apart from being celebrities, there's a huge amount of respect associated with being cricketers and a certain amount of reverence and honour associated with representing India. In people's eyes, apart from other celebrities in India, I think for sportsmen in India there's a certain amount of regard.”
Rahul Dravid Quotes
“I think credibility, irrespective of what you do, if you are in public life, then it is important.”
“I thought about cricket a lot. I needed to get out of this bubble of mine. I found it in books and conversations with other people about other things. I was a curious person, and this was my release. I like being challenged intellectually. I hated at the end of the day to talk cricket to someone else.”
Rahul Dravid Quotes
“Reading allows me to recharge my batteries.”

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