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37 most famous Randy Houser quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 46 year old American musician born on Dec 18, 1975.

“I firmly believe that every six years, a person goes through a serious change. Think about it: At 6, you start school. At about 12, you start hitting puberty. And then it goes on. You start hitting these different mental levels, and people change. I think that's part of the reason the divorce rate is so high.”
Randy Houser Quotes
“I've had my heart broken and then gone out and done dumb things.”
“Granny beads are what they're called when a grandma works the garden all day - you always see them - they have a handkerchief around their neck with a lot of dust on them, and then the sweat will go down and make these black beads of sweat and dirt around their neck. And that's what they call granny beads.”
“My little boy, West, and my wife, they're my rock and that's the thing that keeps driving me to do better at what I do professionally. There was a time in my career where I had been on this huge roller coaster ride and I'd really got in the spot where I could've hung up it and just been a songwriter.”
“That time, when everyone else is asleep, and it's just me and my little man, that's the best time I've ever spent in my life. I just get to love on him. It, literally, is the best.”
Randy Houser Quotes
“I always try to put something personal on my albums just to give people out there a little piece of my history and how I got where I am and who I am.”
Randy Houser Quotes
“I've made music since I was a kid so I've always gotten joy out of that.”
Randy Houser Quotes
“One of my main weaknesses is a good movie. I'll just bawl my eyes out.”
“First time I walked out on the Opry stage, Vince Gill was there. He kind of 'daddied' me through the whole thing. My knees were knocking. I walked out there, and I was literally shaking. They say it's the spirits or the ghosts. And out of respect for that whole establishment, I was really really nervous.”
“I don't think that I could ever be a strict dad. I never grew up with anybody strict in my life... I'm not saying I'm a role model by any means or anything. I think the fact that I wasn't told what not to do all the time - my spirit kind of told me things that I shouldn't - I got to develop on my own. It's part of your common sense.”

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