Ravi Teja Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Ravi Teja quotes and sayings page 3 (58 year old actor). These are the last 2 out of 22 quotes we have for him.

“It's not fair that people wrote that all of my films had not done well. There were a few films like 'Nippu,' 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' and 'Sarostaru' which were really bad. But, 'Veera' and 'Dharuvu' had done well. Strangely, people have added them to my 'flop list.'”
“Telugu-Tamil producer Thyagarajan has bought the South Indian language rights for two Hindi hit films, Vikas Behl's 'Queen' and Neeraj Pandey's 'Special 26.' He wants me to play Akshay Kumar's role in the Telugu version of 'Special 26.' Akshay and I even look similar, physique-wise.”

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