Raymond Cruz Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Raymond Cruz quotes and sayings. He's a 60 year old American actor born on Jul 9, 1961.

“I try to stay in the best physical shape that I can because I do most of my own stunts. It looks amazing if you can do it, but I don't advocate it because you always get injured.”
Raymond Cruz Quotes
“I went to college and studied writing, and I got involved in theater. It's always been my passion.”
Raymond Cruz Quotes
“I became fascinated by the fact that you could translate written material into performance.”
Raymond Cruz Quotes
“I like playing good guys.”
Raymond Cruz Quotes
“Live theatre provides a rush you can't get in film or television. But it is the TV and film work that offers the leisure to go off and do a play.”
Raymond Cruz Quotes
“When I was a kid, they bussed us down to a screening of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in an old theater, and it was just a great experience.”

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