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33 most famous Reggie Lee quotes and sayings (actor). These are the first 10 quotes we have for him.

Reggie Lee Quotes
“I don't fancy myself as a very sarcastic person in real life.”
“The other day, a doughnut shop in Portland called Pip's Originals tweeted me telling me that they named a doughnut after me called the 'Dirty Wu.' It is a cinnamon sugar doughnut drizzled with honey and Nutella. It was so good. I just won the Oscar in the sci-fi world.”
“I have the biggest sweet tooth, and just recently a doughnut shop in Portland called Pip's Original introduced a doughnut inspired by me called the 'Dirty Wu.' It is a cinnamon-sugar doughnut with sea salt, drizzled with honey and Nutella.”
Reggie Lee Quotes
“I'm a quarter Chinese and three-quarter Filipino. I don't look Filipino; I look more Chinese or Korean. It actually works in my favor: in terms of roles, it gives me a broader canvas.”
Reggie Lee Quotes
“You want something? Go get it with single-minded devotion.”
Reggie Lee Quotes
“I cannot see myself sitting at a desk from nine to five!”
Reggie Lee Quotes
“I speak Cantonese, and I speak Tagalog.”
Reggie Lee Quotes
“There's this list on Internet Movie Database that I'm on, and it's called 'Actors with High Body Counts.' I'm always playing the bad guy.”
“I've played a lot of cops and a lot of bad guys, so I would like to play a regular person and just live a regular life with something interesting about it. I love the idea of television and kind of infiltrating that.”
“I would love to play a normal human being with a little bit of a comedic bend that had a love interest. I would love to explore comedy, like a half-hour kind of single-camera comedy. I think that would kind of suit me best.”

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