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10 most famous Sammi Hanratty quotes and sayings. She's a 25 year old American actress born on Sep 20, 1995.

“I started visiting schools and talking to kids about bullying and what to do and how to deal with it. I don't think that there is one person who has lived life without being bullied. Everybody gets bullied - whether it's cyber-bullying or to your face or behind your back.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“Family is extremely important, and home is wherever they're waiting for you. No matter where you are, if you have great support, that's all that matters.”
“I get cyber-bullied all of the time. Everybody has something negative to say. It is so hurtful. So I think that it is really important for kids to know how to deal with it correctly because it can be a really dangerous situation.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“Every teenager and everybody around the ages from 10 to 18 has to go through finding out who they are.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“Every time I work on a new set, I take whatever I can from it and learn as much as I can around the people who I am working with.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“Brooke Shields has been a child star and has grown into an incredible actress. She is very accomplished, and I look up to her. She had a mother's sense to her.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“I would like to do something that pushes me as an actress to make me better. I would love to do something dramatic or crazy. I think that would be so much fun.”
Sammi Hanratty Quotes
“If you're doing television, you get to be a character for a long time, and the cast around you becomes like family. You get attached to playing that one character, and it's hard leaving them behind.”
“People get so trapped by their technology now. Real life is so much better. I love talking with my mother and father. We really enjoy staying in and making a meal together. I'm very close with all four of my older sisters as well.”
“With movies, you can do a lot more roles a lot faster. My favorite thing about acting is taking on new characters. It's fun switching it up at times. No matter what, I feel so honored and blessed to be 16 and already living my dream. It's really special.”

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