Sandra Bullock Quotes & Sayings (Page 13)

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Sandra Bullock quotes and sayings page 13 (57 year old actress). These are the last 5 out of 125 quotes we have for her.

Sandra Bullock Quotes
“The joke or the pratfall is easy for me to do.”
Sandra Bullock Quotes
“Would I like to go into space? No. Maybe I'd do it when I'm old and have done everything else on this planet.”
Sandra Bullock Quotes
“You can't really dance properly to James Brown. If you dance to James Brown, you look like an idiot. There's a lot of jerking.”
Sandra Bullock Quotes
“As long as I have enough money for makeup artists, everything is okay. I feel young and very free. But one day, my face will be too old for the camera.”
“I used to get out of bed sometimes and feel depressed and watched a lot of reruns on TV to get over it. I should have allowed myself to be a little more human and not worry about trying to be a superwoman.”

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