Sharlto Copley Quotes & Sayings

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18 most famous Sharlto Copley quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 48 year old South African actor born on Nov 27, 1973.

Sharlto Copley Quotes
“I would definitely describe myself as a workaholic.”
Sharlto Copley Quotes
“I think every soft child in the world gets damaged. All of of us come into the world and get damaged. It's just a matter of how much.”
Sharlto Copley Quotes
“The acting world is a humbling experience, I find.”
Sharlto Copley Quotes
“To some degree, Hollywood doesn't know what to do with me because the characters I do are so different. But hopefully, that will give me longevity.”
“I always find the more you can draw on real life characters, people, situations, it works better. Certainly for designing a character, I prefer to draw on real people rather than other guys I've seen in movies, rather than 'here's my version of Clint Eastwood' or whoever.”
Sharlto Copley Quotes
“I did a lot of acting, funnily enough, unprofessionally, as a kid. From when I was 10 years old until I was about 19, I was always doing little sketches with my friends, and doing different accents and voices.”
“I walked out of... was it 'Stardust?' That thing with the witches? I was so looking forward to it, but I just couldn't handle it, man. Ten minutes in, and I was gone. I didn't have to walk out of 'Transformers 2' because I didn't go. I loved the first 'Transformers.' I loved it, but I heard too many of my friends walked out of the second one.”
“I would love to do more acting; I really would love to do it, particularly character acting. I'm a character type of actor; I love situations where I've got a bit of room to improvise on the character.”
“You need that marketing power. You need to go do the interviews. You need to put yourself out there and risk and be open to the fact that people are going to not like you, and they are just going to rip you apart, and whatever you say in an interview can get quoted out of context.”
“I feel so comfortable in an acting role, you know, as an actor. Maybe it's because I came into it late. If anything, I've felt frustrated that I can't carry a film because everything since 'District 9' has been supporting roles.”

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