Tahyna Tozzi Quotes & Sayings

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3 most famous Tahyna Tozzi quotes and sayings. She's a 36 year old Australian actress born on Apr 24, 1986.

Tahyna Tozzi Quotes
“I love drama - mum calls me a Drama Queen!”
Tahyna Tozzi Quotes
“I always wanted to be an actress. It's been very high up on my list of passions, and I did a couple of short courses, and I've studied at school.”
“I was so nervous because I was doing my first film. I didn't want to embarrass myself. I'm an incredibly insecure person, and knowing that I had to go on set in next to nothing, it scared me, but at the same time, I knew it would be a challenge to open me up, not only as an actress but as a person.”

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