Tatiana Maslany Quotes & Sayings (Page 7)

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Tatiana Maslany quotes and sayings page 7 (38 year old actress). These are the last 3 out of 63 quotes we have for her.

“Sometimes I'll go into a shop and speak in a different accent to see if I can pull it off. But then somebody will be like, 'Where did you say you were from again...?' And then I panic, and my accent dissolves, and I pretend like I wasn't doing it in the first place.”
Tatiana Maslany Quotes
“That's my favorite kind of television, where it's not wrapped up in a pretty little bow. It's like life. You deal with one thing in your life, 500 others rear their head.”
Tatiana Maslany Quotes
“We do long-form-style improv. Our focus was characters and telling a long arc story over about an hour and a half. It was closer to a one-act play than one-off sketches.”

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