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Terry Riley quotes and sayings page 2 (composer). These are the last 6 out of 16 quotes we have.

Terry Riley Quotes
“We are either going to dissolve as a human race or we are going to break through into a new understanding of what it is to be a human being.”
Terry Riley Quotes
“I was using tape loops for dancers and dance production. I had very funky primitive equipment, in fact technology wasn't very good no matter how much money you had.”
“Well I guess my music came to prominence around one piece called 'In C' which I wrote in 1964 at that time it was called 'The Global Villages for Symphonic Pieces', because it was a piece built out of 53 simple patterns and the structure was new to music at that time.”
Terry Riley Quotes
“It seems like we are moving towards something, some kind of point and it is probably going to be an important point in our development or dissolution. That is what everybody seems to be thinking.”
Terry Riley Quotes
“So, essentially my contribution was to introduce repetition into Western music as the main ingredient without any melody over it, without anything just repeated patterns, musical patterns.”
Terry Riley Quotes
“Throughout the evening I would be recording these long saxophone delays and about four hours into the concert, if I wanted to take a break I would just play back the saxophone.”

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