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8 most famous Thelma Golden quotes and sayings (educator).

“The privilege I've had as a curator is not just the discovery of new works... but what I've discovered about myself and what I can offer in the space of an exhibition - to talk about beauty, to talk about power, to talk about ourselves, and to talk and speak to each other.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“I grew up going to museums. I was privileged to discover art and artists in a very personal way.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“As a child, our house had a backyard lined with roses tended vigilantly by my mother. So the fragrance fills me with nostalgia for my youth.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“I'm constantly making exhibitions in my head.”
“The day I decided I didn't want to be a 19th-Century European curator, I knew I would never have the experience of people coming and going 'ooh' and 'aah,' the way they do around the Monets. It just doesn't happen.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“I can't live with art: I'd spend too much time tweaking it.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“I resist the temptation to curate my apartment.”
Thelma Golden Quotes
“I'm a big Whole Foods fan.”

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