Trishelle Cannatella Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Trishelle Cannatella quotes and sayings page 2 (42 year old celebrity). These are the last 3 out of 13 quotes we have for her.

“And I'm auditioning right now for a movie, and then I have a script that I'm reading right now for a horror film, and I'm meeting for a couple of television shows that I just had yesterday, and pretty much was offered one of them.”
Trishelle Cannatella Quotes
“I would like to host a show, something like travel or cooking or something like that, something I'm really interested in, and so I'm pitching a couple television shows.”
“Theo does comedy now, and he's traveling around the country doing comedy, and I actually just saw him, he's from Louisiana, and I just saw him when I went home to visit my family in Louisiana. I saw his comedy show and he was brilliant.”

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