Alexa Ray Joel Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Alexa Ray Joel quotes and sayings. She's a 35 year old American musician born on Dec 29, 1985.

Alexa Ray Joel Quotes
“There's no great shame in having your nose fixed.”
Alexa Ray Joel Quotes
“I like songs that sound like classics. There are songs that might be cooler or have better production, but I like songs that sound like they're timeless.”
Alexa Ray Joel Quotes
“I worked a long time to get good at what I'm doing, and nobody handed me a recording contract because of who my father is.”
Alexa Ray Joel Quotes
“My parents tried to shield me from how famous they were when I was growing up on Long Island. I had no idea.”
“What people don't understand is that my dad isn't up on the contemporary music scene. He's been a legend for decades and he doesn't know what's going on right now, and he doesn't need to.”

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