Barbara Kopple Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Barbara Kopple quotes and sayings. She's a 76 year old American director born on Jul 3, 1946.

“I think I still have that same drive and determination, the same curiosity and passion for filmmaking that I did when I first started. Every film brings with it unique challenges and experiences, and I approach every one with the same enthusiasm.”
“We never really know what's around the corner when we're filming - what turn a story will take, what a character will do or say to surprise us, how the events in the world will impact our story.”
“I've always been interested in how people think, how they react to challenges in their lives - what makes people tick. I've also always been passionate about social issues and causes, and I wanted to make films that addressed important issues in very human terms.”
Barbara Kopple Quotes
“Most of my films have been documentaries, but I'm also very interested in narrative filmmaking.”

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