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12 most famous Ben Huh quotes and sayings (businessman). These are the first 10 quotes we have.

“I want to be happy. I realized that being happy isn't necessarily about getting there, it's how you get there. It almost sounds like a cliche, but every entrepreneur I've talked to - every good entrepreneur - really enjoys the 'how you get here.'”
Ben Huh Quotes
“Get away from the place that makes you feel comfortable with your depression. The reality is it's never as bad as the insanity you've created in your head.”
Ben Huh Quotes
“Journalism is a craft that takes years to learn. It's like golf. You never get it right all the time. It's a game of fewer errors, better facts, and better reporting.”
Ben Huh Quotes
“Entrepreneurs go through real problems and come up with real solutions. It's not fake. You can do all the right things and still lose. You can do all the wrong things and still will.”
“New media's not very old, hence the word new, so we don't know a lot of things about new media and by the time you've taught it it's probably out of date. I think it's much more beneficial to have an experiential lesson versus a classroom lesson in new media.”
“I want to know everything there is to know about a specific area. And it's winning at that mastery that really drives me. I want to be best at something. I don't even know what 'this' is, but there's this inner drive to be the best.”
Ben Huh Quotes
“I don't need to have someone tell me what I'm going to be entertained by.”
Ben Huh Quotes
“The fact of the matter is that the Internet has brought together millions of people who trust one another for reasons that are unknown.”
“I know a lot of people love applications on their phone, but I'm like, 'Yeah, I understand the nice experience, but there's something about it that doesn't flow well.' Opening an app, closing it, moving to something else. There's something about the open web that's very free flowing.”
Ben Huh Quotes
“The Internet's a big enough place for everybody to be happy.”

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