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41 most famous Bode Miller quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 44 year old American athlete born on Oct 12, 1977.

“We should tell our kids to just have fun, participate and not get bent on winning or losing. But every coach, when they say that, they say it tongue in cheek, 'Don't worry about winning': If you win I'll get you ice cream, but if you lose I'm going to pout in the car.”
“People think coming in under the radar is like being a fighter pilot and actually coming in under the radar. It's a completely ridiculous idea to come in under the radar. It's the Olympics; everyone is on the radar here.”
“I've been exploring different options for when I'm done skiing. I have the Turtle Ridge Foundation, which is helping a bunch of worthy causes around the Northeast. I've also started SkiSpace, which is an online social network that basically deals with all things based around any snow sport.”
Bode Miller Quotes
“It's not quite as important who you beat as that you end up on top.”
Bode Miller Quotes
“Sometimes it's all about the win, sometimes it's about the skiing.”
“There's so many guys skiing so fast right now that you really have to be willing to take a lot of risks if you want to give yourself a chance to win. I'm prepared to do it; it's just a matter of if I can make it work.”
“I went through a period at boarding school when my coaches wanted me to switch to snowboarding because they thought I was no good at skiing. I was too skinny. I had terrible technique. They were saying I should be a snowboarder, and luckily, I resisted.”
Bode Miller Quotes
“When you back off, it's easier to do mistakes. For me it's better to ski fast.”
Bode Miller Quotes
“A huge adrenaline rush is usually followed by a pretty low point.”
Bode Miller Quotes
“I don't put anything in front of taking ski racing and sports seriously.”

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