Bonnie Raitt Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Bonnie Raitt quotes and sayings page 2 (73 year old musician). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 66 we have for her.

Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“I think my fans will follow me into our combined old age. Real musicians and real fans stay together for a long, long time.”
“Playing guitar was one of my childhood hobbies, and I had played a little at school and at camp. My parents would drag me out to perform for my family, like all parents do, but it was a hobby - nothing more.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“I like to think I get better with age, but maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“The fifth member of my band is my non-profit work.”
“I tend to be freer on the piano. I never took guitar lessons, so my reach exceeds my grasp - what I hear in my head I don't always know how to play. But I love to play over something else. I'm not a self-starter. I get kind of bored with the same three folk chords that I know.”
“I was always drawn to the blues. Alberta Hunter at the Cookery was a life-changing experience. I only wanted to get enriched as a performer as I got older, to have an audience which got older, too, and would come to see me when I'm 80.”
“Not being a natural songwriter... for me the appreciation of a great song and the writers came early on, growing up in a musical family. My dad got to sing songs by some of the greatest writers of all time, Rodgers and Hammerstein.”
“Especially girls, but any kids exposed to music programs and arts programs do much better on their tests. They have a better chance of going to college. They can focus better. You know, we're not just automatons learning how to work machines and do engineering and math and science. All of that's great, but you've got to build a whole person.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“Finding great songs is the hard part of my gig - it's not as hard as songwriting, that's much more daunting - but I love playing other people's music.”
“One of the biggest obstacles I've overcome in my life was thinking I didn't deserve to be successful. Artistically I'm not as much of a heavyweight as someone like Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell, because I'm not a creator of original music, and I worried about that for years.”

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