Bonnie Raitt Quotes & Sayings (Page 6)

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Bonnie Raitt quotes and sayings page 6 (73 year old musician). Here's quote # 51 through 60 out of the 66 we have for her.

Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“It is still a surprise when people tell me that I've had an influence on them, particularly when it's someone I really respect.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“People come up to me all the time who saw Dad in 'Oklahoma!' or 'Pajama Game,' and they say they'll never forget it.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“With the new ways of getting music out, you don't need a label if you're a legacy artist.”
“I'm just glad that I'm the musical equivalent of a character actress, because blues singers can keep singing and having an audience at 35, and someone like Madonna's gonna have to find something else to do, 'cos I don't care how pointy those bras are that she wears, they're still gonna look a little odd when she's 55!”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“Thank God for Occupy and thank God for 'The Daily Show,' Colbert and the rising up that's going on around the world.”
“Elvis might have compromised his musical style a bit towards the end, but that doesn't mean that artists from the rock n' roll/folk-roots culture - of which he was not really a part - shouldn't get better as they get older, like the great jazz or blues artists.”
“I'm really careful about not slamming my politics home in my shows, but I don't try to hide, either. The arts can be a great way to bring people together. I don't preach from the stage. I try to stay positive on solutions.”
Bonnie Raitt Quotes
“A lot of political music to me can be rather pedantic and corny, and when it's done right - like Bruce Springsteen or Jackson Browne or great satire from Randy Newman, there's nothing better.”
“I didn't have to be a pop singer with a certain look. When I started, there was really a revolution in natural artists with blues and folk artists crossing over; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to get started.”
“I'm honored when young people say they've gone to school on slide guitar with my records. But people get their influence from my live shows and records and YouTube, not me personally. I walk around with a hat on. People don't know it's me.”

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