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Dan Phillips quotes and sayings page 2 (designer). These are the last 8 out of 18 quotes we have.

“Human beings are a social species. We like to hang together in groups, just like wildebeests, just like lions. Wildebeests don't hang with lions because lions eat wildebeests. Human beings are like that. We do what that group does that we're trying to identify with.”
“We have cultural expectations that everyone needs a dining room, yet they're only used three times a year. But if I put a bone handle on the door of an upper-end brick home, I'm making an outlandish statement.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“For centuries, building materials were free. You want to build a house, you cut down some trees. But we haven't been thinking about the cost to the planet.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“Where do you get lumpy tiles? Well, of course, you don't. But I get a lot of toilets, and so you just dispatch a toilet with a hammer, and then you have lumpy tiles.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“I decided to set out to prove that you could make a reasonable living building for the poor using recycled materials and only hiring unskilled labor.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“I was a dancer of no repute. But dance taught me a lot. You walk into a dance studio knowing you have to walk out with a dance. You improvise.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“Look at kids playing with blocks. I think it's in everyone's DNA to want to be a builder.”
Dan Phillips Quotes
“You can put someone in a new home, but you can't give them a new mindset.”

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