Danica Patrick Quotes & Sayings (Page 6)

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Danica Patrick quotes and sayings page 6 (41 year old driver). These are the last 3 out of 53 quotes we have for her.

“So many people have that story as to how they could have maybe won the Indy 500, which is for me the ultimate goal. I would imagine for a lot of people it's the ultimate goal. It's definitely high up on the list.”
“When you are not missing something, longing for something, you don't really think about it that much. It's like that girlfriend you don't want to have anymore. You don't think about her anymore. Or ex-husband. You just don't.”
Danica Patrick Quotes
“You know, it's always good to have seen a track before, just to kind of know where the little bumps are here and there, and just the general feel for the size.”

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