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6 most famous Daniel Logan quotes and sayings. He's a 34 year old New Zealander actor born on Jun 6, 1987.

Daniel Logan Quotes
“I had never really done voice-over. If you've ever seen me, I'm more the communicator through body language and movement... I'm a physical actor.”
Daniel Logan Quotes
“I feel like I'm more of a physical actor than a voice actor.”
Daniel Logan Quotes
“I haven't given up on acting, but I've gone away from it for a while to concentrate on myself and the fans of 'Star Wars.'”
Daniel Logan Quotes
“I love being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.'”
Daniel Logan Quotes
“I love doing the conventions and being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.'”
“I hope I'm going to act for the rest of my life. What scares me is that if I get a big head, my mum said she would take me out of the business instantly - and if you knew my mum, she would do it!”

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