David Cronenberg Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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David Cronenberg quotes and sayings page 4 (79 year old director). These are the last 5 out of 35 quotes we have for him.

David Cronenberg Quotes
“Even Hitchcock liked to think of himself as a puppeteer who was manipulating the strings of his audience and making them jump. He liked to think he had that kind of control.”
David Cronenberg Quotes
“I also think the relationship I have with my audience is a lot more complex than what Hitchcock seemed to want his to be - although I think he had more going on under the surface as well.”
“I don't mind writing so I didn't find that difficult, it's just a question of finding the time to do it. I kind of like the direct connection with the fans actually, it's pretty neat.”
“Of course for many years directors have had to go on the road with their movies and promote them and I've done that since the beginning. So that's not new but the forms of it are different such as with the internet.”
David Cronenberg Quotes
“The filmmaking process is a very personal one to me, I mean it really is a personal kind of communication. It's not as though its a study of fear or any of that stuff.”

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