Elena Satine Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Elena Satine quotes and sayings. She's a 34 year old American actress born on Nov 24, 1987.

Elena Satine Quotes
“I'm fascinated by anything that deals with the unexplained. I love any show that totally makes me want to know more. How did they build these pyramids? Why did they find these carvings that look like spaceships?”
“It's funny how the ruthless, murderous gangster has really been romanticized by the media. I mean, I grew up watching the 'Godfathers' and 'Scarface,' and they were the coolest. They're just really interesting stories with great characters. They're rock stars.”
“I think I could totally be a gangster, but I could never be the kind of gangster that carries things out myself. I would have to be the kingpin that has my minions go and do the dirty bidding. I think I'd be pretty good at giving orders.”
Elena Satine Quotes
“I just love scary stuff! I'm a huge horror buff.”
Elena Satine Quotes
“I love dark humor that crosses the line and makes you say, 'That's so wrong!' And that's 'Family Guy' to me.”

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