Elizabeth Reaser Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Elizabeth Reaser quotes and sayings page 2 (47 year old actress). These are the last 5 out of 15 quotes we have for her.

Elizabeth Reaser Quotes
“I love 'True Blood!'”
Elizabeth Reaser Quotes
“I'm often uncomfortable with girliness, to be honest.”
Elizabeth Reaser Quotes
“I think Chris Weitz is an amazing director, and his sensibility - I wouldn't even know how to articulate it - it's just, he's a very sensitive, interesting guy.”
Elizabeth Reaser Quotes
“Mostly I work really unconsciously, and I think if the scenes are really well written, which they are, and if I just throw myself into it, I don't really think about it.”
“Sometimes I think your face and your bearing and your energy have so much more to do with the jobs you get than the actual work and the time and the effort that you put in, or the talent even.”

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